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We are a small team of specialists in MetaTrader development. If you have ideas and strategies that you want to backtest or put into the live trading arena we can provide the necessary expertise. If you are not a programmer do not worry. We can breathe life into your ideas and provide you with backtest reports or an Expert Advisor or Custom Indicator for you to deploy yourself.


Trading with badly written software costs you money! Don't risk that. Professional software standards overcome this problem

Many people can program. It is all too easy these days to 'knock up' something that seems to work at first glance. For many tasks this is good enough but with trading, if a bug in a program is opening or closing trades when it shouldn't it could cost you money. Put simply we provide software on a higher level.

Unique Features Built-in As Standard

If your trade order was returned by the broker with an error wouldn't you want your program to inform you? Or have your program send emails or SMS to your phone when it identifies a trade? How about a backtest that tells you how many pips your program has made? This is something that MetaTrader doesn't offer (it shows equity not pips per day) but which we provide in our Expert Advisors. Our code is based on a proprietary library built and tested to industry standards to deliver a superior product to you.

We are your one-stop shop for MetaTrader expertise

Whether you are a private individual or hedge fund we can provide a one off program specified by you for you to run yourself. If you don't wish to get technical we can do the backtesting for you and provide full reports in all popular formats including Excel and PDF.

Alternatively, if your project is large and you require it, we can partner with you on an ongoing basis working on your developing ideas.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Once your specification is agreed your program will be written promptly. If during backtests the program is found not to meet your specification we will rectify this for free. We are proud of our software and want you to be too.