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About Us
Professional Quality Software You Can Count On

We are a small and dedicated team of software specialists with years of experience developing software for clients including Merrill Lynch, Prudential Assurance, RBS and Societie Generale.

You can benefit from our experience which is head and shoulders above our competitors. You wouldn't get an amateur to fix your car so why risk it with your trading?

Plain Speaking and Personal Service

Whether you are technical or not we won't ever try to blind you with science or overwhelm you with jargon. We speak plain English and will discuss things with you in a clear but informative way. We're approachable too so get in touch for an informal chat or quote.

Global Service

We are based in London, England. While that is the heart of the global forex market it is unimportant. These days communication is global and the internet has liberated us all. Whether you are trading from Japan, China, USA, Germany or wherever we are on hand working with you in real time.