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Frequently Asked Questions
We hope you find the following F.A.Q. useful. We have a wide range of clients and we try to give us much information as possible up front in order to help them. If you'd like further information or have any other questions then let us know.

1. What services do we offer?
We are expert programmers of trading systems. We are a one-stop shop for Metatrader services and can help with specification writing, programming and backtesting. Whether you have an idea for an EA and just want someone to program it or are seeking a partner for ongoing development and backtesting of ideas, we can help.

2. What about the EA or Indicator Specification?

If you require, we can help you write this or you can also choose to write it yourself.

A well thought out specification is fundamental to any piece of software. With an indicator, an EA or any computer program the specification is the most important part of the job. It must be clear so that the resulting program does exactly what you want. Any developer would need this so it is well worth doing no matter who you ask to do the programming.

One example of something to include as part of the specification is the buy, sell, stop and take profit points. Are there any stop and take profit rules or is it an 'always in the market' system? We'd also need to know which parameters you have in mind.

Once the specification is complete it should be simple enough for us to program.

3. What about Backtesting?

Clients typically do the backtesting once an EA has been developed. However if the client wants us to carry out backtesting this could be done, by arrangement, once the EA has been developed. This is ideal for traders who are not expert users of MT4 or who don't know much about backtesting and data quality.

An EA can be tested on all pairs and timeframes, assuming you have enough backtest data available in the Strategy Tester. We have our own backtest lab with high quality data on all timeframes but backtesting on good quality data can be quite a lengthy process in itself which is why only certain clients ask us to do it.

Most individuals prefer to do their own backtesting but it is up to the client. For novices, there is lots of information on the internet but to keep things brief, in case you already know about backtesting, we'll just say that test data quality is important and in the backtest report it should be close to 90% for you to be confident in the test results. If you are doing your own testing we assume that you have good quality test data and are just looking for someone to code the idea.

We apologise if you already know this but you'd be surprised how many people backtest EAs on poor data with maybe 25% quality and think they have a good result only to find real life doesn't match their backtest results. Trading obviously involves putting money on the line and therefore, for system traders, it is important to take all areas seriously at each stage whether it is the specification and design, development or backtesting. Each are important and shortcuts should be avoided. For example, it is not worth having a well designed EA if your test data is of poor quality because your backtest results will not be meaningful.